All about Waist training 

Corsets have been used to train women waistlines for centuries. Using a corset, you can achieve a curvy feminine figure along with great posture, But you can only get the benefits of waist training with a corset that is just right for you.

If you are serious about waist training, it requires you to wear the corset upwards for a least 4-6 hours a day along with a healthy diet and plenty of water.

The material of the corset is breathable with a tiny bit of a stretch, just right for snatching waist lines. 

I started waist training for a couple of different reasons. I had just had my second child at the tender age of 30. And lets just face it, as we get older, have kids our bodies just change. It's no longer as easy to loose weight and bounce back as it was earlier on in life especially in that 'mid section" that  waistline area is the most stubborn. The pressure was on, because not only did I NOT lose my baby weight in 3 months  I was also at my heaviest weight, weighing in at (235lbs), hell I was heavier than my husband. All the issues  jump started my decision to start waist training just to see if it would even work for me, I did that along moderate exercise and about 3-4 months later, everyone who knew me and seen me on the regular was telling me how great I was looking and wanting to know what I was doing, and at 1st I was embarrassed to say I been wearing a corset like everyday lol, but my results was to good to keep to myself, I could hardly believe my results myself.  My personal struggle with weight was serious. But my mind set and this Corset brought me back to LIFE! There's no greater accomplishment than being PROUD of you!!  And I'm just THAT!!